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Volcano Sauce is a sweet-hot sauce developed by former restaurateur and tavern owner Tom Tiberii. 

Volcano Sauce caught on like wildfire at Tom's restaurant, and soon visitors and locals alike were clamoring for him to produce it in greater quantities. Tom agreed, and began selling his sauce to distributors, supermarket chains, retailers and of course the general consumer.

Time moves on and so has Tom. After selling his restaurant and boat "Wet Noodle", his home in the Florida Keys, he had a desire to return to Thailand for an extended stay.

Not wanting to disappoint Volcano Sauce's many loyal customers Tom decided to sell the company. Tom passed the reins to Jeff and Jean Ackerman of Northern Michigan, who have since retired to the Upper Keys. The Ackermans passed the secret recipe on one more time to longtime Volcano Sauce fans Brad and Annette Kiel. The Kiels sell Volcano Sauce on the shelves of their little country store and also have many uses for it in their deli, so when the Ackermans began thinking about retirement Brad and Annette jumped at the opportunity to make the sauce they enjoy so much. Volcano Sauce's Hot and Lava are both still crafted with care in Northern Michigan using Tom's original sweet and spicy recipes.

Image by Alexander Kovacs


The inspiration for Volcano Sauce came to Tom on one of his many trips to the Far East. While there he discovered a blend of local spices and herbs that suited his taste for "sweet hot" foods. Although the actual recipe is a secret, Tom has disclosed that it contains a combination of Thai chiles, garlic, sugar, vinegar, water, salt and "various spices".

As Tom puts it, "you first taste the sweetness, then wait for the eruption".

Image by Louis Hansel

Sweet and a little more heat, Volcano Lava sauce is similar the Volcano Hot sauce but with a little extra kick! 

Great as a topping, dipping sauce, hot wing sauce, marinade or just brush some on whatever you put on the grill, oh yeah that's the good stuff.

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